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I love to read and to write. I hope that’s why you’re here because then we’re certain to be kindred spirits. The first thing I ever had published was a poem I wrote in grade three called Fairyland and it went like this:

I would like to go to Fairyland
And when I did, I would say strike up the band!
And when they did, we’d dance
And when it was twelve o’clock, we’d romance!

I’m not sure I knew much about romance back in grade three. But I like to think that little poem was the start of something big - a life-long love affair with words, language and story. These are the magic ingredients that make life worth living.

So, kindred spirits, welcome to my Fairyland, I’m so glad you’re here.

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Quick facts about me:

- I’ve had six books published (you can read all about them on my “Books” page).

- I write for adults, kids and young adults.

- I edited a home magazine for 12 years (although I’m the least “decoratey” person you might ever want to meet).

- I hate housework.

- I was a finalist for the Toronto Sun’s column-writing contest.

- My third book, Casey Little Yo-Yo Queen was the honour book in the Silver Birch Awards (first runner up!). It’s been translated into Swedish and Finnish.

- I was one of twelve writers from across Canada chosen to participate in the second season of Book TV’s Three-Day Novel contest reality show – which means I lived in a Chapters bookstore in Edmonton over a Labour Day weekend and wrote an entire novel in three days. Oh, the shenanigans!

- I’ve lived in Victoria and Toronto and Windsor. I’ve moved a lot. A LOT. I counted it once: 26 times. Moving and fitting-in is something I pay great deal of attention to in my stories. You might say it’s a theme.

- I have done some acting – mostly in TV commercials.

- I love to cook.

- Writing workshops for children and adults are a passion. Contact me if you would like to get something rolling for your classroom or writers’ group.

Let’s get scrolling!

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